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When you need to paint your house, you want everything perfectly done at a rate that won’t hurt your budget.  As a famed residential painting contractor in the whole of Dallas, 972 Painters stand true to its hallmark of excellence.

Residential Painting

Since 1985, we have been serving a comfortable and beautiful lifestyle to all our customers.  We specialize in residential painting thanks to our painting specialists whose creativity and professionalism are reliable.  We pride ourselves with a diverse team who is coordinated in bringing out a smooth seamless finish in every painting project.

Residential Painting Experts

You know your home needs a makeover when it looks outdated or the paint starts to peel. Don’t worry, our painting specialists have the know how and experience on various colour schemes and finishes to make it more appealing. Highly skilled at both interior and exterior residential painting, our competent team can breathe life to your home. From premium quality paints to advanced techniques in brush, roller and spray-painting, you are guaranteed of exceptional results.

Interior Painting

Benefits of Hiring Residential Painting Contractors

Interior Painting


Guarenteed Quality

With the right tools and years (or decades) of experience, quality assurance is expected when you hire a professional painting contractor.


Trustworthy Painters

It’s good to know that residential painting contractors are insured. This means that you can have peace of mind and confidence that they will take care of the damage cost in case they incur any damage to the wall.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting



If you need a painting job done without consuming much of your time and money, you can rest assured that most residential painting contractors offer affordable rates and usually finish their projects within a specified time frame.


Minimized Maintenance Cost

Expect professional painting contractors to inspect the condition of your present walls before doing any painting job. That way, they will determine how much paint is required and the extent of damage that needs repair. In the painting process, the residential painter will assure you the longevity of the wall paint that you can enjoy for a long period of time.

Interior Painting

Why Choose 972 Painters?

Needless to say, hiring a professional painter release you from unnecessary anxiety while letting you pursue other remodeling jobs for your residential property.  If you want a spark of brightness and a boost of curb appeal in your home, 972 Painters is your perfect partner.




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