Beautifully Painted Interior and Exterior

When it comes to house painting services in Dallas, 972 Painters is your ultimate choice.  From setting a cozy ambiance to improving the curb appeal of your sanctuary, interior and exterior painting matter a lot and we’re here to deliver an amazing painting job.

Aside from getting a stunning interior makeover, we can guarantee high-quality paint colors that significantly change the appearance of your space while protecting your walls better. Note that the colors you choose will define the tone and character of your home.  For one, light colors make the space look bigger.  When you pay attention to meticulous details, you get to turn your vision into reality.

Best Interior Painting Services in Dallas

We understand that your home is a haven- a special place you and your loved ones always look forward to being reunited after a long day from school or work.  What better way to make it more welcoming and relaxing than having your walls beautifully and seamlessly painted. We boast a professional crew of residential painters whose works are always sealed with our signature superior workmanship.  Whether a specific room in your house needs a refreshing painting job or the entire interior of your house, we got you covered.

Interior Painting

Living Room Painting

Welcome your guests and enjoy chitchats with your loved ones in this comfortable zone of your home. The trick is simple: Keep your living room fresh and new with crisp walls courtesy of a flawless painting job.

Kitchen Room Painting

Whether it’s a splash of off-white or a pop of yellow paint color, the heart of your home deserves to be striking and entertaining.  After all, the kitchen is the place where sumptuous meals are cooked and served.

Bedroom Painting

Your bedroom needs all the special treatment to give you a calm and dust-free environment. Whether it’s powder blue or neutral hues such as brown and gray, we can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary like no other.

Bathroom Painting

Give your bathroom the facelift it deserves by allowing our color consultants and experienced painters transform it into a spa-like place. We can also make it a fun place for your kids.

Interior Painting

Excellent Exterior Painting Services in Dallas

Looking for a first-rate exterior painting company in Dallas? 972 Painters delivers the best results since 1985. They say first impressions are crucial and we couldn’t agree more. The moment your visitors see the exterior of your home, they will have an overview of what to expect when they get inside. With our highly capable team, you can expect top notch services and savor the confidence of hosting parties or meetings in the comfort of your home thanks to an appealing look of your home’s exterior.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Over time, vinyl or aluminum siding can appear old and tired. When this happens, it’s time to revive the exterior of your home through our cost-effective aluminum and vinyl siding painting service.

Wood and Vinyl Shutters

It’s never too late to give your shutters a fresh coat of paint with our proven optimal results. Our painters are proficient on the unique characteristics of wood and vinyl and can handle the job efficiently and professionally.

Fascia and Eaves

Improve the curb appeal of your home by retouching these spots. We have the right materials and sophisticated techniques to ensure you receive the highest quality results.

Doors and Windows

Set a dramatic impact on your home’s appearance by painting your doors and windows with care and attention to every detail. We will take care of this meticulous job and we guarantee lasting results that you will truly enjoy for many years.

Why Choose 972 Painters?

Ease your worries away and be confident as we give your house its much-needed makeover. For more than three decades, we continue to serve the community of Dallas and its neighboring areas with outstanding customer care and premium painting services. It’s time to experience elevated beauty and comfort, call us now for more details.




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