Professional Industrial Painting

Not all painting companies can operate industrial painting. 972 Painters takes pride in being a reliable provider of this type of painting service. Industrial painting is different from other painting jobs since it requires adherence to strict industry guidelines, precision and skills of painting contractors. That said, hiring an experienced and efficient company is the best solution when it comes to work related to your industrial company.

Experience our superior craftsmanship and professionalism when it comes to painting industrial buildings. Rest assured that our team underwent comprehensive training and we always follow OSHA standards to ensure healthy and safety working conditions.



We make sure that estimates are taken seriously and are prepared as accurately as possible. We surprise our clients by exceeding their expectations and not through hidden fees.
Unlike other painting jobs, industrial painting is intricate and requires expertise and broad experience in handling a wide range of materials and coating applications. Our cost-effective recommendations always save our clients time and money while protecting your valuable assets from deterioration.


Painting Preparation

Our comprehensive painting preparation is one of the key factors of our quality painting solutions. Part of our preparation for industrial facilities is to ensure that every surface is free of paint chips, dirt, and other materials that would impede good adhesion of paints and primers.
In addition, we take the necessary caution and other safety measures when moving our equipment to protect your buildings from damage during the cleaning and preparation steps.



Our expert team uses only the finest materials from top paint manufacturers. To ensure that we meet your industry building’s specifications, our paints are specifically formulated, skid resistant, chemical resistant, and heat resistant.
We also integrate the latest technology and advanced equipment to give your buildings and machinery a new and seamless finish. Expect excellent results from the best painting contractor in Dallas.

Industrial Painter Specialists for Factories & Industrial Equipment

Our expertise in industrial painting is backed by our unrivaled skills, knowledge and customer service thanks to our 35 years of experience.  We are known for our exceptional industrial painting services throughout the Dallas area that include:

Interior Painting


Interior Painting

Protect the interiors of your industrial building with a fresh coat of top-rated paint. We can work around your schedule so your production doesn’t get disrupted.


Exterior Painting

Make your ruggedly-designed industrial buildings spectacular with our exterior painting services designed to improve the curb appeal of your property.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting


Factory Structures Painting

Our professional painters knew that precision and technical knowledge of paint and primers are essential for different types of structures in an industrial facility.


Manufacturing Buildings Painting

Whether it’s a small or a big manufacturing building, we can handle the basic and complex tasks that come along the painting job.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting


Structural Steel Painting

Our stellar background and decades of experience make us a reliable painting contractor. Equipped with the right knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, we can tackle any challenges in the preparation and painting process of structural steel.


Industrial Piping System Painting

Industrial facilities consist of both simple and complex piping systems which require thorough maintenance. In doing so, a special type of paint and the right tools and equipment are needed.

Interior Painting

Your Go-to Industrial Painting Contractor in Dallas

972 Painters is your best painting contractor when it comes to industrial painting services. With several awards and more than three decades of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that you’re going to get amazing customer service. Our commitment and workmanship in every task is unmatched. From start to finish, we can guarantee that we work with safety, quality, and integrity.

Interior Painting

Why Choose 972 Painters?

As a go-to industrial painting contractor in the whole of Dallas, we can ensure that your painting project is handled with precision, care and excellence. Our rates are competitive and we never pad your billing with hidden fees. Join our lengthy list of satisfied customers whose trust is deeply appreciated. Give us a ring and let’s turn your industrial painting vision into a wonderful reality.




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