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972 Painters understand what it means to do business with unwavering commitment.  For over 30 years, we have built and maintained a solid and impeccable reputation that allows us to provide the highest quality of painting services every time.

We’re Dallas’ professional painting company that values our customers’ expectations.  We strive hard to ensure you get the value of your money and trust.  From your initial inquiry to the completion of the painting project, we will guide you.  Our thorough and well-coordinated process will allow you to relax while observing our team do their job in a professional and friendly manner.

Commercial Painting Specialists

Commercial painting is a big job and requires great attention to details.  This is not the type of painting task you want to do on your own because you have to adhere with building guidelines and local restrictions that may be in place.  You know you’re going to need a professional painting contractor because of these amazing reasons.

Interior Painting

Knowledge & Skills

Painting seems to be a simple task but the actual application process itself is even more difficult. When a problem arises especially in commercial painting, we have the knowledge and specialized skills to handle it.

Access to Modern Equipment & Years of Experience

Professional painters are equipped with the right tools and the latest equipment and are backed with several years of experience. We are also updated with the latest painting trends and guidelines allowing us to be more creative and versatile.

Responsive & Flexible

We understand that running a business can be a tough job, that is why we adjust our painting hours on your most convenient time without disrupting your operations.

Commercial Painting Services Offered

Interior Painting


Exterior Painting

When your commercial property shows signs of deterioration like rust on the metal door, it could mean that a serious problem within your structure may need to be resolved. Masonry, brick and block, aluminum and vinyl exteriors all require different solutions. That said, taking shortcuts in painting is not recommended. To avoid expensive repairs in the future, it’s always best to hire a reliable commercial painter that can solve the most difficult problems in your business property.


Interior Painting

Every commercial property has varied wall paint colors depending on the type of business. Factors like environmental conditions and long-lasting performance of paints are important to ensure they keep up with the overall look of your business facility. Here at 972 Painters, we have a dedicated team of color consultants who are well-versed about a wide range of interior paints, coatings and proper paint application. We use top-quality products and lasting solutions to improve and protect your commercial properties.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting


Brick Waterproofing

While brick and mortar create an appealing look on the exteriors of your commercial property, they are not waterproof. If not taken care of, leaks and efflorescence (white staining) could appear on the interior walls of your brick building. Before these issues arise, hire only the professionals in the industry to maintain the integrity of your brick and mortar commercial building exteriors. We will utilize a reliable coating application to lessen water intrusion into your brick and mortar building’s exterior.


High-Performance Paints & Coatings

For heavily traffic areas in any business property, high-durability paints and coatings are the smart choice. Aside from resisting discoloration, these products are easier to scrub off and help sustain years of attractive appearance. 972 Painters offer high-performance paints and coatings and we are experienced in its proper application.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting


Roof Coatings

For your commercial roof coating needs, professional contractors like 972 Painters can do the job accurately.  We can apply a roof coating system that can help your commercial building roof last for years.  The application process can be complex around rooftop variables such as seams and pipes. With our professional team, you are assured that the right products are applied according to manufacturer’s specifications.


Metal Door Painting

While metal doors in commercial buildings are strong and durable, they are also prone to rust. To prevent its deterioration, hire a professional painting contractor that will save you time and money by restoring and repainting your metal doors.  This will also revive its striking look, strength, and functionality.

Interior Painting

The Best Commercial Painters in Dallas

We pride ourselves as the commercial painting contractors Dallas’ businesses depend on. With us, your business properties are in great hands. Trust that our expert commercial painters can provide you with the most suitable painting solution while enhancing and protecting your business.




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