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How to Choose the Best Interior Paint Color for your Home?

Choosing the best interior paint color for your house is easy as pie. Start with your favorite color and you can even transform the look of your kitchen, living room or your entire home by choosing.

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Latex vs. Oil

First things first- you have to choose if you want to use oil or latex based paint. While latex is the most widely used type of paint due to its durability and easy maintenance when it comes to household walls, an oil based paint does an amazing job on real wood products like molding and trim because it seals stains and knots.

Choosing a Color

An effective way to simplify your choices is to consider the very reason why you are painting. If you are repainting because you are selling your home, white makes an ultimate option. Aside from giving the room a brighter and cleaner mood, it also allows the new owner to easily cover the walls with the paint color of his/her choice.

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If you are planning to give your home a facelift, consider what you want to achieve in your home renovation project.  If you want to give the room a more vibrant tone, red, yellow, or orange are great options.  And if you are looking to make the room appear larger, blue, green, or purple are highly recommended.

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Paint Color Inspiration

Aside from magazines and catalogs, paint company sites are reliable sources of decor inspirations, showing you ways to use color in your home. Social media sites such as Pinterest have a stunning gallery of great ideas.

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Color Theory

Color theory is one of the essential areas of painting, a source of amazing ideas from a little color wheel. Once you learn a few simple concepts, it’s easy to use a color wheel to generate a color scheme that will help you choose shades of your preferred colors at your go-to paint store.

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Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors are never boring.  In fact, you can be creative with your neutral color palette.  Think of a neutral wall color with a pastel ceiling- isn’t it relaxing?  How about a striped wall in neutral colors- chic, right?

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